2 New Releases

Two new releases can now be found on the Bandcamp page!

The first, released in January, ‘the past haunts me daily’ is a concept album working with provided sounds. The sounds were sourced from field recordings on an iPhone, files from a downloads/junk folder, and 5 recordings provided by a friend.

The most recent, “Lord, above all, humility.” was created from a single file used to write ‘the moment I start listening is the moment I stop living’. The instruments used in that composition were used in all of the tracks with varying tempos and minimal adjustments made. The release was written over 2 weeks, with the main focus being melodic tones and less focus on the production side.

Both of these, as well as all other releases are at: http://counterspark.bandcamp.com/

Currently sitting on some new work, collaborations, and some other miscellany, so do keep posted as much is on the horizon.
I would recommend checking Soundcloud for those sorts of things: https://soundcloud.com/counterspark

All the best,